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Prince William Conservation Alliance is an independent nonprofit watershed organization working to protect natural resources and healthy communities through stewardship, recreation and education

Urban Development Areas Prioritize Transportation Funding
It's like trying to solve obesity by buying bigger pants.August 13 2015 -- County officials appear to think private developers should be able to build anything, anywhere - and get the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to build a "free" road for any project. Will Prince William County be able to game the system for getting highway funding by trying to claim that most of the County qualifies as an UDA planned for Traditional Neighborhood Development? Read more...
Bi-County Parkway
It's like trying to solve obesity by buying bigger pants.April 6 2015 -- Our locally-elected county supervisors have an opportunity to solve existing traffic congestion problems.Two years ago, the Virginia Department of Transportation pushed hard to build the Bi-County Parkway. All drivers in Prince William have been stuck in traffic, and we often grasp at any straw, but that "road to the wrong side of Dulles" would divert funds away from fixing Route 28 and other higher priorities. Read more...
Virginia Scenic Byway Designation
Waterfall Road
Lynn Crump, Environmental Planner with the Dept. of Conservation & Recreation shares info about Virginia Scenic Byways... road corridors with scenic, historic, natural, recreational or other intrinsic qualities. More than 2,500 miles of roads are designated as Virginia Byways now, including many miles in adjacent Fauquier County. Read more...
White-tailed DeerWhite-tailed Deer: Suburban Habitats, Ecological Impacts, and Management Tools
White-tailed Deer are beautiful native animals that adapt readily to human landscapes. Beginning in the 1970s, researchers began to document the impacts that excessive deer browse can have on natural areas. Click here to read more and click HERE for information on the March 23 White-tailed Deer Symposium
Wildlife Garden VolunteerMerrimac Farm Wildlife Garden
Join us on our weekly garden days. Spend time in a lovely setting, view wildlife, meet new friends, and help maintain a high quality habitat. Click here to view the workday schedule and here to read more and watch the video.
Buffer Restoration on Minnieville Road by K9 Gunner Memorial Dog Park
Help us keep up the good work! Last October, volunteers planted more than 100 shrubs and wildflowers which should look wonderful when spring arrives. Together we're transforming the slope adjacent to the dog park, having fun, and improving stormwater runoff problems.

Nokesville Christmas Bird Count
Peregrine FalconThe count was Sunday, December 28. Nearly 40 people identified 93 species, a high count for the Nokesville CBC. We will publish the full results when they're finalized. The Christmas Bird Count, led by the National Audubon Society, is the oldest and largest citizen science event in existence. The Nokesville survey area covers a diverse landscape covering the transition from coastal plain to piedmont ecosystems. Read more...

Public Sewer and the Rural CrescentNokesville farm
On Wednesday, June 18, 7:00pm at McCoart Government Center, the Planning Commission will consider whether to authorize an extension of a sewer line to serve 5 undeveloped lots in the Rural Area. Can we trust the Planning Department and the Planning Commission to implement the sewer policy in the Comprehensive Plan and preserve the Rural Area? Keep reading...
Occoquan Sub-watershed Study
Watersheds matterThe Occoquan Sub-watershed study assessed stream conditions, identified stormwater problem areas and prioritized restoration needs. Watershed Mgt. will present their findings from the Occoquan Sub-watershed Study at tomorrow's BOS meeting, 2pm at McCoart Government Center. Read more...
Rural Crescent - Looking to the Future
Nokesville farm
In April 2014, the Planning Office presented the Rural Crescent Study results to the Board of Supervisors. According to the report, public input revealed a strong consensus on the importance of maintaining a rural area in Prince William County. PWCA hosted a community forum on this in March. Click HERE to read more and watch the video...
Gardening for ButterfliesGardening for Butterflies
You can help create an urban home for birds, bees and butterflies by adding some plants that wildlife prefers to your backyard. If your neighbors follow suit, you have the start of a pollinator pathway! Read more...

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Common BuckeyeBlooms, Bugs & Bio-Diversity
1st Thursday Nature Tales with Speaker Kim Hosen
Thurs, Sept 3, 7:30pm

Common Buckeye Root Appreciation Workshop
Fri, Sept 11, 9am to 2:30pm

Cardinal FlowerVolunteer - Wildlife Garden Work Days
View the schedule here and read more about this great project here.

Cardinal FlowerMinnieville Road Buffer Restoration Workday
Sunday, Sept 13, 9am
Red-winged Blackbird by Julia FlanaganBird Walks at Merrimac Farm WMA
Sunday, On the last Sunday of every month

Merrimac Farm is a great place to visit rain or shine.Merrimac Farm Trail Map

Bluebird Trails at Merrimac Farm & Chinn Park
Dayflower at Featherstone RefugeFeatherstone National Wildlife Refuge - Conservation groups support public access for wildlife-dependent activities
After 40 years of public ownership with no public access... Read more...
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