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Smart Growth Protects What We Have: A discussion on Data Centers from the Rural Crescent to the Occoquan Reservoir
Thursday, January 6 at 7:0pm.
Landowners on Pageland Lane have filed a data center development proposal covering more than 2,000 acres next to Manassas National Battlefield Park and Conway Robinson State Forest. Although the plan appears to focus on data centers, it also opens the door to other industrial uses, such as warehouses, that generate truck traffic and the need for a major new road connecting I-66 with the back side of Dulles Airport (Bi-County Parkway). Read more...
Occoquan ReservoirThe Occoquan Watershed and Your Drinking Water Supply
The Occoquan Reservoir supplies about 40% of the clean drinking water for nearly 2 million people who live and work in Northern Virginia and, in an emergency, can supply the whole demand. Read more...

Protect our National Parks and the Rural Crescent!
On July 20 2021 conservation organizations held a press conference to share their support for protecting national parks and the Rural Crescent from industrial sprawl. Watch the video from the press conference below or click here to view on our You Tube Channel, where speakers are time stamped.

Participating groups include PWCA, National Parks Conservation Association, Coalition to Save Historic Thoroughfare, Piedmont Environmental Council, Manassas Battle Trust, and Virginia Native Plant Society.


Osprey2021 Photo Contest - The Results are In!
Congratulations to Gary Myers, Art Cole and Urlene Alling for their fabulous photos! Treat yourself to a closer look at wildlife and natural areas in Prince William County. Click here to view the winning photos...

Great Spangled FritillaryAnnual Butterfly Count, Manassas Circle
This count is part of a national program led by the North American Butterfly Association (NABA), which compiles information about butterfly populations and distribution that is used to study effects of climate and habitat change on North American butterflies. Every year we form teams and see how many butterflies we can find within our count circle. View the 2021 results...
Kids outsideSpring is for Hope! PWCA 2021 Virtual Fundraiser Party
Saturday, June 5, 7:00 to 8:30pm
Please join us for an online celebration of special places and special people! Register here to receive a link to join the event (free or donation or visit our auction) to cap the Spring is for Hope season. Read more...
Eat LocalBuilding Better Burbs
Suburban Areas that expect to flourish and successfully compete with their urban counterparts to attract and retain talent, need to encourage a better approach to urban design. Waiting for the "market" only to solve this dilemma is putting the future of the county's economic vitality in the hands of a few innovative developers. Read more...
Take a hikeData Centers Don't Belong Beside National Parks!
On Tuesday, May 18, Supervisors will consider the initiation of a Zoning Text Amendment to the Data Center Overlay Opportunity District. They have indicated the changes being considered include allowing an 800 acre data center campus along Pageland Lane, between Conway Robinson State Forest and the Manassas National Battlefield Park. Read more...
ButterfliesDeer in Your Back Yard
In 2017 Supervisors created a Pilot Archery Deer Management Program. This program was developed over several years by a workgroup consisting of representatives from the Police Dept, Public Works, Parks & Recreation, and the VA Dept of Wildlife Resources. Although the program was a big success, the Parks Dept. has abandoned the program saying they need additional staff to continue. Read more...

2021 Rain Barrel Raffle!
While we miss the camaraderie of the Bluebell Festival at Merrimac Farm again this year, we once again offer our annual Rain Barrel raffle.

Hand-painted by award winning artist James Gallagher, once again he's outdone himself with the best art ever.

We will spin the tumbler and draw the winning ticket on May 1 at Merrimac Farm. Read more here. Purchase tickets here!

Action Alert: The Independent Hill Small Area Plan and It's Many Issues
From threats to National Parks and the Rural Crescent to data centers and the existential threat of climate change, the Independent Hill Small Area Plan has issues of concern for everyone. We all have a stake in what happens next. Read more...

The Long Branch Development in the Rural Crescent 
On January 19 2021 five Prince William Supervisors ignored the recommendations of the Planning Commission, Planning staff, School Board, MCB Quantico, the District Supervisor, and more than 600 citizens who wrote or spoke in support of the Rural Crescent and instead voted to change the Comprehensive Plan. Their vote removed land from the Rural Crescent, tripled the number of homes currently allowed, and approved a connection to public sewer. Keep reading...
Occoquan River

Protect Prince William FProtect Prince William Forest Parkorest ParkProtect Prince William Forest [National!] Park Board of Supervisors vote scheduled for January, exact date TBA
The Independent Hill Small Area Plan (SAP) proposes industrial development inside the legistative boundary of National Park, the Rural Crescent, and headwaters of Quantico Creek. Read more and sign up to speak remotely at the Board of Supervisors meeting.

Prince William Forest ParkManaging Stormwater Opens a Door to So Much More!
"It's going to affect the fishermen, it's going to affect the economy and all of that starts on Harbor Drive. It starts here," says Larry Heath, a member of PWCA and water quality volunteer monitoring Quantico Creek, at the end of our walk through the parking lots at Westminster, where he and other volunteers have been working to address stormwater runoff. Read more...

Rural Area Incentives
Supervisors have implemented none of their recommendations aimed at supporting the value of our prRural Crescentotected rural area, the Rural Crescent. Without incentives, we're looking at only one piece of the picture.  Read more...

OBNWRQuarantine at the Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge with Kelley Studholme
Green open space close to home has never been more important.

I love the Spring just before total leaf out, here in Prince William County. We are so fortunate to live in a place near the Occoquan River, Belmont Bay, Occoquan Bay and Potomac River; all of which are tidal, causing a constant ebb and flow of the water and wetland areas. Each day is new and different offering migrating birds and ducks and other water fowl, not to mention the many plants, reptiles, and animals.

Due to the quarantine, I have limited my time outdoors to only a few locations in the area to observe wildlife and get a little exercise. Lately, Occoquan Bay Wildlife Refuge (OBWR) has been my go to place to enjoy nature. My back yard also works but I don't get as much exercise there. Read more...

Take a 3D tour of the Bluebells at Merrimac Farm WMA!

Redbud TreeBOCS votes to initiate a Comprehensive Plan Amendment that would more than triple residential densities and allow access to public sewer in the Rural Crescent
After multiple failed attempts and with only one week notice, on Tuesday, December 3, 2pm meeting, Supervisors took an 11th hour vote to initiate a Comprehensive Plan Amendment for the Mid-County Parks & Estate Homes development plan proposed by Classic Concepts Homes. Click here to read more...

Red-headed Woodpecker by Larry MeadePlaces Worth Protecting: Silver Lake Park
Rare plant communities found at Silver Lake
In September 2009, two important, globally rare plant communities were discovered at Silver Lake: a basic oak-hickory forest (ranked G3) and an upland depression swamp (ranked G2). Read more...

The diversity of habitat at Silver Lake is an important contributing factor that explains the large variety of birds that can be found there. Once on a Christmas Bird Count, it was so cold that the quarry was one of the only unfrozen bodies of water in the entire count circle. The number and variety of ducks that sought refuge there that year was amazing, read more...

Tree planting at Silver LakeVolunteers Plant 158 Trees at Silver Lake Park
With 270 acres, Silver Lake Park is a wonderful place for families to explore the great outdoors. Nearly 100 volunteers joined us on November 2 to plant 13 large trees along the entrance drive and 135 small trees near the picnic area. Read more...
Building boardwalksPWCA 2020 Youth Achievement Award Program
Recognizing outstanding efforts of high school and college-aged persons for projects that make a difference. Accepting nominations now! Read more...

Rural area incentives




Locally grown 14th High School Proposed for Environmentally Sensitive, Limited Access Property on Prince William Parkway
Thursday, June 20, 7pm at the Development Services Building, Room 107. Learn more about the high school proposed for a property on the southern side of PW Parkway near the Hoadley Road intersection. Sponsored by PWCA and MidCounty Civic Association, School Board Member Willie Deustch and Occoquan Supervisor Ruth Anderson will be there to hear community comments and answer questions. Read more...

Pearl CrescentC2019 Annual NABA Butterfly Count, Manassas Circle
Help us count butterflies for the annual 4th of July Butterfly Count and learn more about butterfly populations close to home. Registration is required! This count is part of a national program led by the North American Butterfly Association (NABA), click here to read more.

PWCA Honors Local Conservation Heros
Jim Waggener receives 2018 Wildlife Champion Award ... Nancy Vehrs receives 2018 Heart of Gold Award! Jim and Nancy's long-term support has helped conserve important natural areas. Their enthusiasm and knowledge has encouraged generations of naturalists of all ages. Read more...

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Houses along Route 234First Day Walk at Manassas National Battlefield Park
Saturday, January 1 at 1:00pm.

Spotted LanternflyDiscover a New Invasive Insect That May Be In a Backyard Near You!
Thursday, December 9, at 7:00pm with Valerie Huelsman. Online, register here. Read more here.

Zebra Swallowtail Northern Virginia Nature Guide
Find out who's living in your backyard

Virginia Bluebird2020 Data for Bluebird Trails at Merrimac Farm WMA and Chinn Parkland is online here!


Virginia Scenic BywaysVirginia Scenic Byways for PWC: A Little Something to Brag About
Nearly 40 miles of roads in Prince William are now included in Virginia's network of Scenic Byways status. Why should you care? More...

Occoquan ReservoirKristi Olson talks about living along the Occoquan Reservoir Shoreline and the value of green open space.
2021 Bluebell Festival at Merrimac Farm WMA
Bluebell FestivalCancelled, hope to return in 2021!
Read more about last year's festival here and view photos on Facebook here.
GoldfinchBird Walks at Merrimac Farm WMA
...on the last Sunday of every month.
BluebirdBluebird Trails at Merrimac Farm & Chinn Park

Merrimac Farm is a great place to visit rain or shine.Merrimac Farm Trail Map

Merrimac Farm is a great place to visit rain or shine.The Occoquan Watershed and Your Drinking Water Supply

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