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Dominion Valley Proffers for Long Park, Sudley Park & Silver Lake
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  • Proffer #93 - $1 Million to be used for planning, design and/or development of the Silver Lake Park Property, Sudley Park and/or Long Park

  • Proffer #91 - $70,000.00 to be used for the acquisition of recreational equipment in connection with the development of Sudley Park, Long Park and/or on the Silver Lake property.

  • Proffer #52 - With reference to the $1,345,100 contribution paid by the Applicant pursuant to the prior proffer obligation of REZ #2001-00095 to be used toward construction of an indoor swimming pool with parking, and appropriate appurtenant facilities in J.S. Long District Park or the high school site on Route 15, the Applicant hereby agrees that said funds may be used for other recreational facilities at Long Park, Sudley Park and/or on the Silver Lake Property.

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