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Tree Preservation at Lake Ridge Park and Golf Course: Comments by Fairfax Audubon Society

Passive recreation opportunities such as hiking, nature photography, birding, and fishing preserve scare existing habitats that are important to wildlife and humans. Golf course development, on the other hand, indelibly alters the character and quality of the landscape.

Ordinary citizens express a firm commitment to preserving the environment and maintaining a high quality of life. The recurring question for most people is: "How can I help"? The continuing "build-out" of Northern Virginia requires an increased emphasis on preserving and maintaining natural area holdings, parks, and recreation areas. Our volunteer force is frequently mobilized to work alongside park staff in stewarding these lands, and is a testament to citizens' care and concern for preserving a high quality of life.

The proposed expansion would further whittle away at our increasingly scare natural treasures. I hope you will agree that it is not in the best interest of wildlife and human communities.

- Deblyn Flack, Executive Director

Tree Preservation at Lake Ridge Park and Golf Course
Tree Preservation/Forest Management in Prince William County
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