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Tree Preservation at Lake Ridge Park and Golf Course: Comments by the Head of the Lake Ridge Occoquan Coles Civic Association's Planning, Environment, Land-use and Transportation (LOCCA/PELT)

LOCCA/PELT was involved in the original design of the Lake Ridge Park and held numerous meetings on proposed uses, buffers, encouraging of multiple-use experiences with water and land-based recreation, etc, etc. As Chair of LOCCA/PELT's Committee at that time, I do not believe that we would have agreed to a driving range in our community in those original proposals for a local community park. In fact, we consciously provided for woods and paths as an essential design element to foster and encourage other recreational experiences more in keeping with our area...

The current woods serve as habitat and hiking trails, and provide a recreational experience quite different from that of the proposed driving range. In fact, the woods and accompanying trails are used for birding and other woods-related experiences on a regular basis. Proposing to dramatically alter this for a single use totally discounts the value of these other recreational experiences currently enjoyed by the community.

- Jack Kooyoomjian, Chairman

Tree Preservation at Lake Ridge Park and Golf Course
Tree Preservation/Forest Management in Prince William County
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