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Eastern Bluebird Trail at Merrimac Farm - 2020 Nesting Boxes

Bluebird Trail at Merrimac Farm Wildlife Management AreaThe team of volunteers monitoring the Merrimac Farm Bluebird Trail checks and records information about activity in each of the 15 nesting boxes at Merrimac Farm.

Bluebird Trail volunteers also record information about other species that might be using the nesting boxes, such as Carolina Chickadees or Tufted Titmice.

As shown on the aerial image, many nesting boxes are located on or near trails. Volunteers follow a protocol to ensure we do not disturb the birds nesting in the boxes.

Nesting boxes are more visible to predators than natural cavities so some extra precautions are in order. Walking up to the nesting box leaves a scent that can attract predators, noise and rapid movements can startle birds.

We appreciate your help to make sure the Bluebirds and other cavity nesters using these boxes to raise their young are not disturbed.

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