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Community Report
August 12, 2008
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Spirituality and the Environment

Aug. 23 at Dove's Landing

New at Your Piece of the Planet - How big is a town center & more

Merrimac Farm Update   

Wildlife Counts
›  Stone House Status

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Other activities of interest

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In the News

Tree quarantine aims to ward off destructive beetle Loudoun Times; August 5 2008

New law may raise HOA fees statewide Fauquier Times Democrat; August 5 2008

As churches build on protected land, fears of growth raised Washington Post; August 8 2008

Gas prices apply brakes to suburban migration Washington Post; August 5 2008

Planners credo: four wheels good, two legs bad Toronto Star; July 28 2008

The future of crossing the street Toronto Star; July 28 2008

How walkable is your neighborhood? Calculate the walk score for your address

Putting water ahead of natural gas New York Times; August 9 2008

Drinking water & watersheds: Lessons from New York City A tall, cool drink of... sewage?
New York Times; August 8 2008

Other activities of interest

Nokesville Farmers Market Every Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to Noon 13007 Fitzwater Drive, Nokesville
Special on August 16 -  The Lavender Ladies of Catlett's Seven Oaks Lavender Farm will give a 20-minute talk about raising lavender, and it's many benefits and uses.

Prince William Forest Park It's a Bug's Nite Out! Friday, August 15 at 8:00 p.m., Pine Grove Picnic Area.

Virginia Native Plant Society Annual Meeting September 12-14 The Potowmack Esperience: Flora along the Fall Line

Spirituality and the Environment

Your Piece of the PlanetFor many or us, what we think about the environment and what we hold as spiritual values are deeply felt, highly personal and go a long way toward defining who we are.

To what extent are these important areas of our lives compatible?  Can they be complementary? To what extent can they strengthen each other? 

Please join us on Sept. 3 when Dr. Larry Underwood will lead us in a discussion (not a lecture) of these fascinating subjects. We hope you can join us!

First Thursday Nature Tales

Spirituality and the Environment
When: Thursday, September 3, 7:30 to 9:00 p.m
Where: Bull Run Unitarian Universalist Church, address, directions

Better Together - Land Use & Transportation
When: Thursday, October 2, 7:30 p.m.
Where: Bull Run Unitarian Universalist Church, address, directions
Save the date!

Questions? Call PWCA at 703.499.4954, or check online here.

August 23 at Dove's Landing
Dove's LandingJoin the Prince William Conservation Alliance and Prince William County's Historic Preservation Division for an easy hike through this beautiful property!

Dove's Landing is a 235-acre undeveloped property with one mile of frontage along the Occoquan River, upstream from Lake Jackson. The gently sloping landscape, open forest and scenic appearance create inviting and accessible conditions for all ages.

This program is open to the public and free of charge. For more information and to register, email us at or call 703.499.4954. Read more about Dove's Landing...
  Your Piece of the Planet
Click here to view all articles and share your views! New posts include:
  • How big is a town center?
    The draft Land Use Plan for PW County proposes over 20 places where PW County could develop “centers of commerce” or “centers of community.” The proposal, not yet adopted by the Planning Commission, is to designate 1-mile wide circles, roughly 500 acres, at each of the 20+ “center” spots. ... If we built 20 of the proposed “centers of community/commerce,” we would create 10,000 city blocks at urban density levels and make room for 12 million new people in PW County. Read more...
  • Walk-ability
    The new Walk Score website measures whether a neighborhood is pedestrian-friendly.  I grew up in a neighborhood where we walked to school, to the movies, to the swimming pool, to the park, etc.  The Walk Score there: 83 out of 100.  That's “very walkable,” according to the website. Where I live now is far from shopping, jobs.  We have green parkland nearby, but that's it.  Verizon won't even extend DSL services to us. Read more...
  • Will gas costs push people to move from suburbs to D.C.?
    A recent analysis of the 2006 American Community Survey, Long Island Express: The Surprisingly Short Commutes Of Suburban New Yorkers, challenges the assumption that as gas prices increase, “people will begin moving from farther out in the suburbs to locations closer to the cores.” Turns out the people who live and work in the outer suburbs of New York City (NYC) have shorter commutes to work.  If you live in Bergen County, NJ, your commute to work is shorter than if you live in Manhattan. Read more...
Merrimac Farm Update

Wildlife Counts scheduled for second Sunday of each month

We have a preliminary bird list and plant list for Merrimac Farm, but they are just a starting point. On the second Sunday of each month we'll tour Merrimac Farm and record the plants and animals we observe. Then we'll use this data to develop plant and wildlife lists, including birds, butterflies, amphibians and more.

Species lists are very helpul to wildlife enthusiasts of all skill levels... unfamiliar critters are easier to identify when you know what to expect. Also, information on plant and wildlife communities helps us all understand more about the diverse habitats found at Merrimac Farm.Participating in a wildlife survey for a natural area is a great way to learn about our local flora and fauna.

This regularly scheduled tour is open to all and free of charge. For questions and to RSVP, please contact PWCA at 703.499.4954 or

WHEN: Second Sunday of each month from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. Additional birding tours will be scheduled periodically on Saturday mornings at 7:30 a.m., check our online calendar here for dates.

WHERE: Merrimac Farm Cedar Run Parking Lot, 14710 Deepwood Lane, travel to the very end of Deepwood Land to parking lot on the left, directions.

Stone House Status

Thanks to some outstanding volunteers, the Stone House is really looking good.The rickety back porch is gone and interior repairs, including some new sheetrock and baseboards, is nearly complete.

The interior is ready to paint, which we'll start on August 30. There are eight rooms plus the hallways and bathrooms, so it's a big job... but way more fun than just another day at the mall and a great opportunity to meet other people interested in preserving Prince William natural areas.

WHEN: Saturday, August 30 beginning at 9:00 a.m. AND Sunday, September 7 beginning at 1:00 p.m.

WHERE: Merrimac Farm Stone House, 14710 Deepwood Lane, travel to the very end of Deepwood past the first entrance to Merrimac Farm, directions

Questions? Call PWCA at 703.499.4954 or email