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Despite growing environmental obstacles and challenges in 2017, the Prince William Conservation Alliance has achieved many successes. Thanks to your effort and support, we acted to preserve our urban forest at Chinn Park, formed a coalition to protect green buffers on developing properties, helped safeguard rural space with a Virginia Scenic Byway initiative, and organized numerous community activities and educational events.

These accomplishments are great, but it’s more critical than ever that we build on this momentum. Beginning this winter, we expect a full court press to develop Prince William’s protected rural area, dubbed the Rural Crescent, with proposed policy changes and new road and development proposals.

Preserving the Rural Crescent directs development to parts of the County where there are already roads, schools, and sewer pipes to support them. This strategy saves taxpayers money and preserves open space. County surveys show strong citizen support for preservation of the rural area, but unless we speak up now we may lose this land forever.

Your tax-deductible year-end gift makes a big difference. Help us make our communities, green open spaces, neighborhoods, schools, parks, and waterways more beautiful today and in the future.

Last year, your contributions helped PWCA protect more green open space. When we heard county government was considering selling the 225-acre Dove's Landing property, we worked with officials to open the area for use as a public park instead. Take a hike with us on January 1, 10am, and discover the community benefits and why we are working to ensure long-term protection for this important natural area. You can RSVP here.

Just days ago, on December 23, nearly 40 people volunteered for the Nokesville Christmas Bird Count. We submit our results to the National Audubon Society, which compiles data collected nationwide and posts the results online, where it benefits scientists and others seeking to protect bird diversity. The Nokesville Circle results are being compiled now and will be online next week.

We have more great programs planned for the new year: Save the date for our Annual Bluebell Festival at Merrimac Farm Wildlife Management Area on Sunday, April 8! We will also host the North American Butterfly Association Count, Manassas Circle, in July and offer monthly tours beginning in May.

These achievements and more were made possible by you. Your generosity throughout the year makes our work possible. We rely upon your charitable gifts to fulfill our mission in the community we share and call home.

To focus attention on the value of our beautiful countryside, PWCA initiated a proposal to secure the County's first Virginia Scenic Byways. We overcame initial opposition and today nearly 40 miles of our rural area roads are officially recognized as Virginia Scenic Byways.

To foster meaningful community action, we hosted a Land Use 101 Workshop in partnership with Prince William Area Realtors. Nearly 100 people attended and gave the program high marks. Look for a new session this year, learn more about local policies, land use lingo, and current issues.

Visit our Native Plant Wildlife Garden this spring! This project shows homeowners how to transform their personal landscapes. It's used for education and citizen science activities, and provides a high quality opportunity to enjoy nature for people who cannot walk far.