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´╗┐Community Report, May 14 2020

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Red-bellied Woodpecker

Planning for Tomorrow: The Comprehensive Plan
A conversation with Bill Milne, Chair, PWC Planning Commission
Wednesday, May 20, 7pm, online meeting.
 RSVP required, use the link below. 

Plan for success

Planning Commission Chair Bill Milne will share information on the current update of Prince William's Comprehensive Plan, the roadmap for land uses countywide. 

Mr. Milne will cover the timeline, Planning Commission responsibilities, and the status of the current update. He will also talk about areas of focus where changes may be proposed. 

Bring your questions and comments! RSVP required. Use the link here to register in advance and receive the link to join the meeting.

Urban Planning in the Time of Corona: The impact of COVID 19 on real estate development
Tom Eitler, Senior Vice President, Urban Land Institute
Thursday, May 28, 7pm, online meeting. RSVP required, use the link below. 

Occoquan ReservoirTom Eitler, Senior Vice President at the Urban Land Institute, will provide observations about future land use demand vs local community desires in the wake of the pandemic. 

From changes to the square footage needs of office users to rethinking how public spaces are used, the pandemic will likely change the calculus for future land use demand especially as it relates to office, retail and entertainment uses. 

Mr. Eitler will share some recent observations as it relates to the Corona virus and how it could have profound impacts of metropolitan growth. What do these changes mean to the Washington DC region, Northern Virginia, and Prince William County? 

Bring your questions and comments! RSVP required. Use the link here to register in advance and receive the link to join the meeting.

It's a Zoo Out There!
Thursday, June 11, 7:00pm, online activity. RSVP required, see below.

Occoquan ReservoirJoin PWCA and insect enthusiast Judy Gallagher for a light-hearted tour of local critters that share their name with animals found at the zoo. 

Bring your questions and comments! Use the link here to register in advance and receive the link to join the meeting.

Rain Barrel Raffle - Buy tickets here!

Manassas National Battlefield Park

Join us June 6, 11am on Facebook Live when we roll the drum to select the winning ticket.

While we missed the beauty and camaraderie of the Bluebell Festival at Merrimac Farm, we don't want to lose sight of our annual Rain Barrel raffle. Hand-painted by award winning artist James Gallagher, this year he's outdone himself with the best art ever.

Normally we spin the raffle barrel and randomly select the winning ticket at the Bluebell Festival, which was not an option this year. So in the spirit of perseverance, we're going to host the raffle online.

Tickets are sold in groups of 5 for $20. This beautiful rain barrel would add a new dimension to your personal landscape! Proceeds benefit outdoor programs at Merrimac Farm, including the Wildlife Garden, Annual Butterfly Count, and Bluebell Festival. Please visit our raffle website to purchase tickets today. 

Occoquan Reservoir