Great Blue Heron Hunting Along the Occoquan Reservoir Shoreline

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Source Water Protection, the Occoquan Reservoir, and You

Monday, September 13, 7:30pm, online, register here

Please join PWCA and Greg Prelewicz, Planning Dept Manager, and Nicki Bellezza, Watershed Protection Specialist, to learn about Fairfax Water and strategies to protect the Occoquan Reservoir, one of the sources of drinking water for two million public water users in Northern Virginia. Fairfax Water will share info about source water protection, nonpoint source pollution, and strategies for protecting the Occoquan Reservoir.

Protecting the Occoquan Reservoir: Our Shared Water Source

Monday, September 20, 7:30pm, online, register here.

Join PWCA and Dr. Stephen Souza to learn more about how land development within the Occoquan Reservoir watershed impacts the water quality, aesthetics, recreational uses and ecological balance of the reservoir and the streams that drain to it. 

This is your opportunity to hear the facts and learn more about how intensive development of the Occoquan Reservoir watershed will negatively affect the reservoir and all that rely on the reservoir for drinking water and recreation. The one-hour presentation conducted by Dr. Stephen Souza, past president of the North American Lake Management Society, will be followed by a question and answer period.

Reclaiming Our Water: Occoquan Watershed Documentary Film

Click here to view the 60-minute film or six minute clip.

Reclaiming Our Water tells the story of Northern Virginia's Occoquan Reservoir, its surrounding landscape, and the challenges of meeting a growing demand for drinking water for over one million people.

The Occoquan has the distinction of being the largest reservoir system in the United States, which provides a safe drinking water supply through the use of reclaimed wastewater. Not surprisingly, the Occoquan's technical solutions have attracted worldwide attention, but technical solutions are only part of the story.

Water Equity: Sustainability and Access for All

Click here to view the recording from the August 26th, 2021 program with Renee Hoyos, director of the Dept. of Environmental Quality's new environmental justice office. Learn about the efforts DEQ and its partner organizations are making towards equity and justice. Sponsored by PW Soil & Water Conservation District and VA Cooperative Extension, 

The Occoquan Reservoir Prince William County

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