Prince William Conservation Alliance

Planning to Stay

(by Bob Leuthy)

(NOTE: from the November, 2003 Prince William Community Report)

It was June 1993. For several months my wife, Laura, and I had been discussing the idea of moving from our home in Fairfax County to somewhere, anywhere where there was less congestion, where we could see the stars in the night sky. While we lived only 8 miles from my office at Tysons Corner, it could take 45 minutes to 1 hour to get to work; getting home was no easier.

We decided to look west, out I-66. Occasionally I had played golf at South Wales outside of Warrenton and liked the area. So one Sunday we set off to scout the Warrenton and surrounding communities. As we looked at various homes it became obvious that commuting would again become an issue. Laura spotted an ad for a home in "Evergreen Farms/Haymarket" in a real estate magazine during our drive back home and we decided to investigate. We had friends in Haymarket but had never heard of Evergreen. Driving though the community we noticed the Evergreen Country Club, golf course, tennis and swimming facilities, etc.: could this be the place we had dreamed about?

We toured the advertised house but it did not suit us. As we drove away, feeling the dream fading, I noticed another home, on a hill, and it was for sale! We bought that home the same day.

The house was wonderful, but the property was magnificent. To the west is Bull Run Mountain. The night sky is incredible. You see so many different kinds of birds and wildlife. And the evening…so quiet except for toads and crickets, it takes some time to get used to.

Ten years later our "little spot" in western Prince William is still as special as it was when we first saw it. (My friends have heard me say "When the time comes just bury me in the front yard".) Over the years I have met so many people who love their "little spots" in Prince William. But, maintaining and enhancing our quality of life here does not come free. There must be credible, constant, thoughtful voices advocating FOR plans and programs that will continue to make Prince William an attractive place in which to LIVE AND WORK. That's why I became involved with Prince William Conservation Alliance, and why you should consider becoming a member.

PWCA and its members are FOR outreach and education of citizens and government officials in the promulgation of environmentally sustainable development standards for Prince William. We are FOR stewardship, the notion that the present generation should not make changes that would lessen the potential for future generations to realize comparable well-being. And, we are FOR conservation, recognizing the strong interrelationship between a high quality environment and quality of life issues including traffic, taxes and schools.

PWCA allows you to be FOR something that will positively affect the quality of life in your "little spot" in Prince William. So, read through this newspaper to get the rest of the story. Then let us hear from you.

Prince William Conservation Alliance