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Silver Lake Meeting Notes - April 30, 2008

I.  Uses Envisioned for Property

  • Passive recreation
  • Equestrian trails
  • Walking trails
  • Biking trails
  • Multi-use trails (not all)
  • Picnicking
  • Fishing – bank, boat, and pier
  • Non-motorized boating – rental only
  • Electric motor boating – rental only
  • Swimming – see issue list
  • Walking domestic pets on leash
  • Nature/historic interpretive activities
  • Event-based hayrides, carriage rides, sleigh rides
  • Bird watching
  • Scuba diving use of quarry, if suitable
  • Public Safety uses involving scuba diving in quarry
  • Conservation areas – see issue list
  • Habitat enhancement areas – see issue list
  • Wildlife Refuge – see issue list
  • Un-programmed natural areas – see issue list
  • Horse swimming (quarry only)
  • Dog swimming (quarry only)
  • Covered and lit equestrian arena – see issue
  • Outdoor equestrian ring
  • Stable use –no boarding, 6 to 12 for day use
  • Equestrian camping (envisioned as a pre-scheduled group event?)
  • Dressage area
  • Environmental education
  • Environmental education field station
  • Primitive Camping – schedule vs. unscheduled
  • Day camping – summer-based on activities & facilities envisioned
  • Wildlife refuge


II.  Supporting Infrastructure

  • Security residence - 1 or 2 would be adequate
  • Office/field station
  • Vehicle entrance gate beyond Rainbow entrance to serve as control point - gate kiosk?
  • Antioch entrance improvement – VDOT permit would likely be required
  • Signage at entrance
  • Picnic pavilions
  • Public restrooms – is public sewer and water an option?
  • Trail development
  • Parking areas
  • On-site roadways – gravel
  • Electricity
  • Docks and piers on lake
  • Outdoor ring – level area needed, plus fence and sand
  • Need second level area for dressage
  • Covered lit equestrian arena
  • Stables – 6-12
  • Maintenance facility – pole barn type
  • Barn for farm park (farm park is on issue list)
  • Demolition – 2 old cabins, 1 house, maybe 2


III.  Issues

  • Intensity/Location of Use
  • Covered equestrian arena – more discussion needed regarding lighting, location, intensity
  • Primitive camping – scheduled vs. unscheduled?
  • Day Camp – number of children?
  • Wildlife Refuge – how much and to what extent is public access limited?
  • Conservation areas – how much and to what extent is public access limited?
  • Un-programmed natural areas – how much and to what extent is public access limited?
  • Habitat enhancement – how much and to what extent is public access limited?
  • Swimming events
  • Farm Park – should it be an allowed activity and what would be frequency and intensity of use?