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  Silver Lake Park Plants & Plant Communities  
  Preliminary Plant List by Charles Smith, Prince William Wildflower Society  

Silver Lake forestRare plant communities found at Silver Lake

September 2009 -- The Park Authority is in the early stages of planning how Silver Lake Park will be developed. The first step is to survey natural resource areas and understand what's on the ground. Otherwise important resources could be accidentally lost.

With this in mind, the Prince William Wildflower Society offered their expertise to conduct a preliminary assessment of plants and plant communities at Silver Lake. At the request of the Park Authority, Charles Smith visited the site in early September and discovered the presence of two important, globally rare plant communities: a basic oak-hickory forest (ranked G3) and an upland depression swamp (ranked G2). Keep reading...

Aerial view of Silver Lake, click on image for larger viewPreliminary assessment of plants and plant communities at Silver Lake Park, by Charles Smith, Prince William Wildflower Society

September 2009 -- The Silver Lake property is oblong in shape, with Antioch Road on the southwest boundary and the center of the property is a southwest to northeast axis roughly following the main entrance road to the large lake.

The site is bisected from northwest to southeast by Little Bull Run. This stream and a number of feeder streams feed the lake. The main lake is what is termed an in-line impoundment, meaning that an actively flowing stream was dammed to create the lake. Lakes such as this now require special exceptions because state law generally prohibits in-line impoundments (within the Resource Protection Area). Keep reading...



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