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March 2018 Mid-County Parks & Estates want to change the Comprehensive Plan

Staff Report - 2018 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Initiation

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MidCounty Civic Association Letter to Supervisors

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Mid-County Parks & Estate Homes Staff Comments Submission 3

Memo - Staff CPA summary and anticipated Board date

This is at least the third time Supervisors have voted on this proposal. Here's information on two previous plans... they look just like the 2118 version.

2009 Staff Report for CPA Initiation
Resolution - Do not initiate

2012 Staff Report for CPA Initiation
Resolution - No vote, do not initiate

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Rural Crescent Map Showing Parcels 20+ Acres

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Mid-County Park and Estates Development Proposal - Not Initiated but Not Gone Either

On March 6, Supervisors considered the proposed initiation of a Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA) for a 320-acre property located within the Rural Crescent, between Bristow Road and Route 234.

This proposal, called Mid-County Parks & Estate Homes, seeks approval to build 118 new homes, more than triple the allowed density for Rural Crescent properties. In exchange for the density bonus, the developer proposes to “save” land, most of which is unbuildable, to form a ring around the new residential community.

After hearing the many citizen comments opposing the plan, Supervisors decided they would not vote on the Mid-County Parks & Estate Homes CPA, which means it was not initiated.

Instead, Supervisors issued a staff directive calling for a joint review of:

Planning staff said they would hold several community meetings and be prepared to return to the Board with recommendations in six months.

So what can you do to get prepared for the next attack on the Rural Area, to authorize sprawl and ultimately higher property taxes?  

Answer: Get smart. Get effective. Get involved.

Prince William Conservation Alliance offers talks, walks, and on-line resources so people who care can get familiar with the complicated jargon and processes, then figure out how they want to engage. Check our calendar, don't be a stranter.