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Wild Turkey

Photos © Tony Coomer, Occoquan Bay National Wildife Refuge, Woodbridge, Virginia

Wild Turkey
Meleagris gallopavo

The wild turkey is a large, ground-dwelling bird and it has a bare head and neck. Male breast feathers are black. Female breast feathers are tipped with brown, gray, or white. Head has small feathers.

It is a native of North America. The wild turkey was very important to native Americans. It was nearly extinct by the 1900's because of over-hunting.

The male turkey provides to parental care. There have been many attempts to make the wild turkey a farm animal. Wild turkeys are found in all U.S. states except Alaska.

Wild turkey's are omnivores. They typically forage on forest grounds. They feed on nuts, fruits, insects, and salamanders. It's average life span is 3 to 4 years. Females lay 4-16 eggs.