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Winter Wren

Photo © Judy Gallagher; Occoquan Bay Naional Wildlife Refuge, Woodbridge, VA; January 2009

Text by Melissa Mehr

Winter Wren
Troglodytes troglodytes
Family - Troglodytidae

The Winter Wren is a relatively small bird with really short legs and a wide body. Usually the color of this bird is dark, which allows it to better blend in to its surroundings.

The Winter Wren is located in the Northern Virginia area during the winter time. When spring arrives they fly to another area that is cold. Winter Wren's eats insects and spiders along with anything else that is small that they can find on the ground.

Winter Wrens are often found in gardens. which provide both food and cover. Even a winter garden provides an ample supply of small bugs that the Winter Wren can eat.

The Winter Wren likes to fly from bush to bush, usually not too far at a time. This bird only chirps when it feels alarmed or startled. Otherwise is sings! It usually keeps its song up for about 8-9 seconds.

Since the bird is so tiny a person may not be able to see the bird right away but they will definitely be able to hear it sing.