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Flora of Manassas National Battlefield Park
Brawner Farm Deep Cut Vista Enhancement

Agency and community comments on proposed project
Part 1 - Contents, Summary, Alternatives
Part 2 - Affected Environment and Environmental Constraints
Part 3 - Appendices, Bibliography,
Preparers, & Index
includes the following information:

— Description of Resources

— Description of Battle Events

— Relevant Legislation and Special Mandates

— Estimated Costs

— Threatened, Endangered, and Rare Species and Natural Communities

— Manassas National Battlefield Park Bypass Alternative Routes

Manassas National Battlefield Park

Manassas National Battlefield Park, located at the four quadrants created by the intersection of Sudley Road and Route 29, preserves a part of Civil War history for citizens throughout the Nation. With 5,100 acres, the Battlefield also protects significant natural resources. The Park includes a diversity of habitats, some of which are increasingly uncommon in Northern Virginia and beyond, and is home to a variety of wildlife. The Battlefield's trails and fields are popular locations for history buffs, nature lovers, photographers, wildflower enthusiasts, birders and equestrians. Click here to find out more about Manassas National Battlefield Park ...

Manassas National Battlefield Park Viewshed Study

June 23, 2008 - A public meeting was held on June 19th at the Visitors Center at the Manassas Battlefield, which was lightly attended. The new Park Manager, Ed Clark attended, as did several rangers and the consultants who have been working on the first draft Background Study presented their update.

The comment period on the Viewshed Study extends to October 2 2008, when the next public is scheduled. However, no documents are yet available to the public. The powerpoint presentation from the June 19 meeting is supposed to be released at some point in the near future.

Ed Clark was sympathetic with the poor manner the Brawner was conducted but also said It would be several months before the nps could clean up the area.

This process began in August 2007 when the Prince William County Planning Dept. in cooperation with the National Park Service began a study of historic viewsheds both inside and outside Manassas National Battlefield Park. The term viewshed refers to the entire area an individual can see from a given point. According to the National Park Service, this project is intended to identify and document key historic viewsheds as well as develop strategies to preserve and enhance identified viewsheds.

Brawner Farm Deep Cut Vista Enhancement/Brawner Restoration Proposal

Also in 2007, the National Park Service clear cut approximately 140 acres of timber between Brawner Farm and Deep Cut in Manassas National Battlefield Park. According to the National Park Service, the "non-historic woodlands" directly limits visitor understanding, specifically of the Second Battle of Manassas. The National Park Service believes the public would be better able to understand the battle if their view of the area was not obstructed by the existing "basic" oak-hickory forest, which is globally uncommon to rare. Source: National Park Service

Although this proposed clearcutting received negative comments from a variety of sources, the National Park Service went forward with the clear cut. Click below to read some of the written comments submitted to the National Park Service on the proposal:

More information about Manassas National Battlefield Park:

More information about local organizations:

More information about the proposed Battlefield Bypass:


Battlefield officials consider tree-clearing
Jaclyn Pitts; Potomac News; September 28, 2005
Manassas National Battlefield Park wants to continue to follow its mission of preserving historic landscapes of the battles of Manassas . And the latest efforts to preserve landscapes could mean clearing 140 acres of timber between Brawner Farm and Deep Cut in the park.

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