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Potomac River shoreline viewshed preservation.

View through a 100-foot wide buffer.
Between 1990 and 2000 the population of Virginia’s coastal zone increased by more than half a million people, accounting for more than 60% of the population growth in the entire state.
Special Orders by Consent for properties in Prince William:

Coles Run Manor - Stanley Martin & Beezer Homes p.23

Potomac Landfill

Bristow Manor Golf Club

Evergreen Country Club

Sam Jones Junkyard
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Lake Manassas

Water from Lake Manassas (a public drinking water supply) flows into the Occoquan Reservoir (a public drinking water supply). From there, the water flows to the Potomac River and on to the Chesapeake Bay. When buffers are cleared and construction practices disrespect the land, the damages impact all these waterways and contribute to the escalating (taxpayer) costs needed to "save the Bay," not to mention our public drinking water supply.

Photos of Lake Manassas site, 8800 and 8837 Buckland Mills Road, showing clearing of Prince William County Resource Preservation Area, City of Manassas easement and work below the high water line; early May, 2006. Click here to read letter from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to City of Manassas. Click on images for larger view.

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