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Press Release, November 5, 2017

White Paper on Buffers, PWC Public Works

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Commercial Development Committee Proposed Revisions to Buffer Standards (strike-out-and-underline version)

BOCS Resolution authorizing a Review of Buffer Standards by the Commercial Development Committee

VRE Proposed Extension

Details on Proposed Changes to Buffer Rules, Slated for a January 16 2018 BOCS Vote




November 5, 2017 -- Buffers are a width of space filled (from one side to the other) with woody vegetation, landscaping and/or preserved trees. They are an important part of the green open space found in attractive, sustainable communities.

VRE Proposed ExtensionBuffers increase property values, improve our air and drinking water, create wildlife corridors, help keep us healthy and happy, and separate dissimilar uses. Buffers attract home buyers and businesses.

To developers, buffers are “unusable space” that limits the amount of land available for impervious surfaces such as parking lots and buildings. Beware. The current regulations to provide buffers are under attack.