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Press Release from Community Organizations, November 5 2017

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Lake Ridge resident Rachel Myers on Buffers

White Paper on Buffers, PWC Public Works

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Commercial Development Committee Proposed Revisions to Buffer Standards (strike-out-and-underline version)

BOCS Resolution authorizing a Review of Buffer Standards by the Commercial Development Committee

VRE Proposed Extension

Lake Ridge resident Rachel Myers on Buffers

As a resident of Lake Ridge, I really love all of the woods around us. We are blessed to live with a beautiful forest right out back even though we can only fit two trees on our tiny lot.

It seems like leaving so much forest would make it easy to stomach living right behind a shopping center, but its not always that great.

The deciduous forest between my family and the shopping center drops all of its leaves in winter and all of the sound and light blocking protection goes with it.

Transitional screening is really technical, with percentages of evergreen canopy to be provided, as well as numerous shrubs and other picky requirements.

But its so important! The forest between my family and the shopping center is ample, but the winter time is not so great without evergreen trees and shrubs along the edge as should be required between dissimilar uses.

If a toddler or cat moves the curtains at all, a light from the parking lot shines across the head of our bed - all night long! The beeping and banging of trash trucks emptying dumpsters wakes me up very early on many winter days.

As our county becomes more and more developed examples like this will multiply, and the need to require an effective vegetated buffer between developments becomes even more important!