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Community Report
June 24, 2009
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—Henry Ford
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  No Surprises at Silver Lake
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At Tuesday's Board meeting two Supervisors - Michael May (Occoquan) and Martin Nohe (Coles) - said they wanted to establish long term policy to protect passive recreation uses and conserve natural open space at Prince William parks.
Five Supervisors declined the opportunity and passed Silver Lake to the Park Authority with no strings attached.This means the outcome at Silver Lake is still undecided.
Although their proposal for Silver Lake was unsuccessful, conservation is not a hot topic at the Prince William County Board  and we appreciate Supervisors May and Nohe's efforts to take a step in the right direction.
People who are interested in having their views on recreation uses at Silver Lake considered will now have the opportunity to attend the Park Authority's Master Plan public meeting(s).
We plan to keep an eye on progress at Silver Lake. When we hear that meetings are scheduled, we'll post the information on our website.
PWC Update for Environmental Policies Begins
Blakburnian Warbler by Julia FlanaganWhen: Thursday, June 24, from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m.
Where: McCoart Government Center, Board Chambers
The next opportunity to promote and protect our green infrastructure is though the update to the Environment Chapter of the Comprehensive Plan. Let's see if Supervisors are willing to do a better job when the decision comes before them late this fall.
The Environment Chapter aims to ensure that the County’s natural beauty is preserved, streams and wetlands are protected, property values and quality of life are enhanced, and wildlife habitats are preserved.

The Chapter covers a range of topics, including stormwater standards, impervious surfaces, tree save areas, low impact development, limits to clearing and grading, streams and wetlands, sewer systems, energy conservation, land conservation and more.
The Planning Commission is hosting this public meeting to hear community views, ideas and concerns. You can also send written comments to
A first draft of the revised plan is slated to be posted online on August 19. Another community meeting is scheduled for September 10.
More information about the Environment Chapter update is posted online at
   Developers Oppose New Stormwater Rules
Stormwater Outflow
When: Tuesday, July 7, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Manassas City Council Chambers, 9027 Center Street, Manassas
New standards for stormwater have been proposed by the Virginia Dept. of Conservation & Recreation. Significant improvements are proposed.
The changes include reductions to the amount of pollutants discharged and raise the standard to address everyday rainstorms, a major factor in stream degradation.
The proposal also emphasizes stormwater methods that mimic how natural systems handle runoff.
Developers say the proposed rules are unreasonable. They would take buildable land and cost way too much.
Both environmental organizations and state agencies are anticipating a huge turnout from developers opposing the new rules.
Your support for DCR will help them hold fast and not weaken the rules when faced with significant pressure from developers.
You can read the proposed rules here. You don't have to be a watershed engineer to participate. DCR needs to know that citizens are concerned with stormwater runoff, drainage issues, flooding, degraded creeks and rapidly vanishing green open space.
Plan to attend the public meeting. You can support high standards and learn more about stormwater management.