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Blue star, Amsonia
Amsonia Blue Star

Photos © Kim Hosen; Merrimac Farm Wildlife Managemen Area, Nokesvile VA; May 2015



Blue Star
Amsonia hubrichtii
Dogbane family, Apocynaceae

Large clusters of starry pale-blue flowers bloom in spring and look beautiful in meadows, open shade gardens, native plant gardens, naturalized areas, and as ornamental borders.

Blue Star Amsonia grows best near lakes and streams, or in rocky, sandy, or moist soils. While regular watering will benefit growth, this plant tolerates some drought.

When grown in full sunlight, plants often require no pruning or stalking. However, garden maintenance is more moderate when grown in shade, becoming more open and floppy, requiring stalking and pruning.

Blue Star Amsonia attracts butterflies and bees, and is a larval host to the swallowtail butterfly.