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Cricket Frog

Cricket Frog
Acris crepitans

Size: up to 1.5 inches (35 mm)

Moist, warty skin can be quite variable in color. Dark triangular mark between the eyes. Often a Y-shaped mark on back.

Cricket frogs come in a range of patterns and color combinations, including black, yellow, orange or red on a base of brown or green.

Identifying characteristics inlude their small size, presence of warts, blunt snout, dark triangular-shaped spot between the eyes, and a ragged, stripe on the thigh. Webbing on their hind feet reaches the tip of their first toe and the next to last joint of the longest toe.

Cricket frogs generally live on the edges of shallow ponds and streams with good vegetation in the water and along the shore.

They are active during daylight. Most are insectivores. In turn, cricket frogs are eaten by herons, fish, snakes and minks.

Male's call sounds like someone is clicking 2 stones together.

Females lay eggs either singly or in small batches, either attached to underwater plants or on the bottom.

Tadpoles with black tail tips hatch in a few days.

Cricket Frog Cricket Frog Cricket Frog

Merrimac Farm, March 22 2009

Cricket Frog Cricket Frog Unidentified egg mass