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Eight-spotted Forester
Eight-spotted Forester Caterpillar

Above © Kim Hosen, Suburban backyard, Woodbridge, VA; September 2006

Lower left (caterpillar) © Judy Gallagher; Meadowwood Farm SRMA, Mason Neck, Virginia; June 2013

Eight-spotted Forester
Alypia octomaculata

Superfamily Noctuoidea
Family Erebidae
Subfamily Lymantriinae (Tussock Moths)

Wingspan: 30-37 mm

Flight period: Spring to early summer (April-May in North Carolina)

Habitat: Open areas with flowers, near woodland edges where hostplants grow.

Caterpillar host plants: leaves of grape vines, and Virginia Creeper. Adults take nectar on flowers and fly during the day.