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Bull Run Mountain Natural Area Trails

Dove's Landing
Manassas National Battlefield Park Trails
Merrimac Farm
Occoquan Trail
Prince William Forest Park Trails
Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail
Silver Lake
Trails: Blueways, Greenways & Bikeways
Hiking is a fun family activity!

Trails promote safe and livable communities.

  • Make convenient, safe, non-motorized travel throughout the community possible;
  • Reduce crime through regular use and high visibility of users;
  • Connect communities to parks, schools, shopping and other neighborhoods;
  • Provide affordable exercise and recreational opportunities close to home;
  • Provide opportunities to meet your neighbors.

Trails improve opportunities for children.

  • Provide places for quality family time close to home;
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for exercise;
  • Create positive life- long experiences;
  • Teach respect and stewardship of the environment and the community.

Trails protect the environment.

  • Protect important habitat;
  • Provide corridors for people and wildlife;
  • Prevent soil erosion and filter pollution;
  • Help reduce the cost of repairing flood damage.

Trails increase property values.

  • In a survey of metro-Denver real estate agents, 73 percent of the agents believed a home near a trail would be easier to sell;
  • A survey of homeowners living adjacent to a trail showed 29 percent felt their property value would increase and 57 percent felt their home would sell more quickly because of the trailside location;
  • A 1998 study of property values along the Mountain Bay Trail in Brown County, Wisconsin showed that lots adjacent to the trail sold faster and for an average of 9% more than similar property not located next to the trail.

Trails are Important to Home Buyers.

  • Trails ranked as the second most important community amenity in the 2002 Home Buyers Survey, conducted by the National Association of Hom Builders.


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