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Eight-spotted Forester Caterpillar
Eight-spotted Forester  

Above ©
Judy Gallagher; Meadowwood Farm SRMA, Mason Neck, Virginia; June 2013

Lower left © Kim Hosen; suburban back yard, Woodbridge, VA; September 2006

Eight-spotted Forester Caterpillar
Alypia octomaculata

Mature caterpillars have a thick black-spotted orange band at base of each segement, followed by several thin black bands interspersed with thin white bandsand long hairs. Immature caterpillars are orange interspersed with light gray areas.

Host plants are species of grape (Vitis spp.), and Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia).

The Eight-spotted Forester Moth overwinters as a pupa, hidden in soil or crevices wood.